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Mt. Lemmon Mystery Meal


July 13, 2015


Hosts:  Gabe Gabriel & Dana Reiman


The club members met in the parking lot at AJ's off Skyline. The temps were close to 100 in the parking lot. We were on the road by 10:15 with 23 members and 13 cars.  We wound our way to the Catalina Highway and the groups made a pit stop at the Windy Point rest stop. After a 10 minute break, the club ended up at the Summit.  Lunch was at the Iron Door. Temps were in the low 70's. After a great lunch with cool temps we members started home in small groups. Temp. was 107 in town.


Attendees:  Gabe Gabriel, Dana & Alana Reiman, Mike Peterson, Jon & Bonnie Wicht, Bob & Pat Beroza, Bill & Gail Cocanour, Sue & Greg Franklin, Pattie & Barry Robinson, Allen Housley & Cheryl Garnier, Ron & Debbie Edgell, Ray Karlin, Rob Knawa, Gary Gilbert, Fred & Kathleen Nasser.




Photos by:   Dana Reiman

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