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SDC "Social Social" , Saddlebrooke, AZ

What is the SDCT Social Social?


The SDCT Social Social is our organizational meeting for the year. This is open to all members, and all members are encouraged to attend. At this event, we set up and plan the events and post the calendar for the year. 


We also enjoy food and drink and a great day with other club members.


2015 Monthly Planned events



Tubac special Valentine's Day event led by Gary and Sharon Stephens 2/14/15



Mystery Meal to be led by Bill Nelson

Canyon Lake / Dolly Steamboat cruise led by Fred and Marsha Schilling



Mystery Meal led by Phil and Sandy Borkowski

Special event to Sonoita Wine Festival led by Scott Beard



Mystery Meal led by Rob and Adine Knawa

Musical Instument Museum led by Bob Lee



Mystery Meal to be led by Ken and Jan Almer 

Overnight event to be led by Ron Edgell and Barry Robinson



Mystery Meal to be led by Dana Reiman and Gabe Gabriel

Special event Car Show at Saddlebrooke - Bob Koblewski





Prescott Car Show - Mike Peterson is looking into details

Out of Africa special event - Gordon Wotherspoon is looking into details



Mystery Meal to be led by Doug and Bobby Sweetland

Oct 18th Pot Roast Extravaganza hosted by Gordon and MaryAnn Wotherspoon



Arizona Oprey Special event led by Phil and Sandy Borkowski

Veteran's Day Parade led by Phil Borkowski



Oro Valley Christmas Parade led by Phil Borkowski

SDCT Christmas Party


January 2016

Social Social meeting




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