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Marian and I attended the Long Beach Grand Prix last weekend to see the Corvette Racing Team's two cars compete in the GTLM class. This was the third race in the series with the the Corvette C7.R's winning the first two. Corvette Car #4, driven by Tommy Milner, was leading in the last part of the race but was involved in a wreck preventing him from winning.   Very exciting.


 I have included a few pictures of the Corvette Racing paddock were the 2 C7.R cars are prepped before the race as well as a picture of the cars on the track.   Note especially the two pictures of Marian getting a chance to get into and sit in Car #3!   Very few people have had the opportunity to actually be in a Corvette C7.R race car.  


One final note is that all of the mechanics and other personnel in the paddock were very friendly and willing to answer questions even though they were focusing on getting the cars prepared for the race later on that day. Even the professional drivers were walking among the fans signing autographs and posing for pictures.  Contrast this with the Ford GT paddock where I was "thrown out" and everyone was very unfriendly and discourteous. Perhaps this was because they are doing so poorly in the race series!  


So, if you ever get a chance to see what your car is really capable of doing against the best cars in the world (i.e. Ford GT, Porsche, Ferrari, BMW, etc.) this is really a fantastic way to spend the weekend.  



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