Franklin Automobile Museum

May 2016

Dana Reiman and Gabe Gabriel

Franklin Motor Cars

1905  -  1937 Model years

Tucson, Arizona

  • Franklin cars were built from 1905 - 1937

  • Air cooled engines

  • Engines were built until 1973

  • engines could be ordered in 2,4,6,8,10,12 cylinder configurations

  • Hoursepower from 37hp to 400hp

  • Tucker cars were powered by Franklin engines

  • In 1937 Franklin built a V12 Air cooled engine for its cars as a option

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Gabe watching Intro video
Gabe watching Intro video

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Location:    The H.H. Franklin Foundation's                             Museum is in the norther suburbs                         of Tucson

                     Entrance 3420 N Vine Ave


Hours:  Mid October - Memorial Day Weekend

             Wednesday to Saturday

              10:o0pm to 4:00pm


Call for groups larger than 10 people

                  520 326-8038

Admission:    Seniors  $8

                      Adults $10