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Paul & Carolee Bailey 

2013 60th Anniversary Grand Sport

We purchased the car new in October 2013.  After seeing the Anniversary Edition at the Corvette Bash earlier that year in Bowling Green, Carolee fell  in love with the Anniversary models.  Only problem, the Grand Sport was the only automatic transmission available.  All the dealers were in a rush to unload their 2013 cars in order to get more of the new C7 so the deal was just to good to pass up.

I've never been a 'white car' person, so I agreed as long as I could customize it so that wouldn't look like every other 60th Anniversary Grand Sport.  The modifications include:

                   *    Carbon Fiber Z06 Chin Spoiler

                   *    CF Side Skirts

                   *    CF rear Spoiler

                   *    C7 style rear widow pieces

The best modification I feel is the painted white windshield trim.  It gives the car a more streamlined effect.  Many people ask if it has been lowered, but the answer is NO.


2013 Vet_edited-1.jpg
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